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the past two nights were very amusing, although somewhat exhausting. the first night was quite an adventure. when attempts to get gjdielikemicedo, crazyeyedgnome and myself to the rendezvous failed, we decided to meet in person. tommie and i agreed to walk to E&A to meet up with Adam there, but we had to get there before 4:30, we left at 2:30. we took a shortcut through the woods behing tommie's house, i was very frightened, because these were very frightening woods, a very long walk too. there was a small pond in the woods with swans and this made me very happy, we also passed a trailer deep in the woods, which we decided would need some photos the next night. eventually we got out and continued our trek, immediately after reaching the halfway point a police officer questioned us and asked what we were doing out so late, so we told her and she left. moments later adam came walking up. he told us a cop had stopped him too. something i even now continue to laugh about is the very wicked looking pocket knfe adam carried, which he informed me, was quite deadly, and he opened it with a swift flick of the finger and a sound like "heh agh!" i kept laughing and making him do the "heh agh" all night long. he also demonstrated a sound that was made during an attack with the knife, it went something like "cheh!". this sound was repeated throughout the night as well as he cut various things, mostly small helpless plants. we were very thirsty and the pop machines weren't working, but luckily adam had brought with him flat pop for us to drink and nonflat pop for himself to drink. after a very long rest sitting on the curb we took off towards adam's house.

on our way we encountered a rock with a face on it, and after careful urging, tommie pilfered it and we had fun. "heh agh!"

on our way past the school we noticed something very was like four in the morning, and towards the back of the school we saw someone waving a flashlight around, so we quietly walked over to the benches in the back, noticing that it was a woman in minimal clothing in a white car. we sat down for another rest and watched her digging through her car for about ten minutes, afterwards she opened and shut all of ehr doors in a weird sequence and then started walking around the school again, shining her flashlight at things and looking very closely at the ground and under doors. she was wearing shorts and no shoes. adam and tommie decided it would be a grand idea to go spy on her in a james bond fashion, so we snuck around behind her and watch her go about searching/inspecting everything rather vigorously. it was about this time that we decided she was killing people and looking for places to hide the body, and that we had better not let her see us. so we watched from behind obstructing objects. tommie kept trying to get pictures of her but they didn't really turn out...only of her car. then she noticed one of the flashes and started looking for us, we barely escaped, then she drove away, and we inspected the scene for bodies and whatnot. what we found was far more confusing: her flashlight which i confiscated, its purple by the way.), and a small plastic bag filed with rocks, which i dumped out to find a small cookie at the bottom. several thoughts surfaced at this...had i found the treasure of some idiot leperachaun? perhaps some type of horrible unicorn had turned some poor cookies into unedible stones...but i jest. anyways, so in our confusion we left as the sun was turning the sky and clouds into something very very beautiful.

it was a tiring walk to the lake to watch the sun rise, but worth it. we were hungry and thirsty...adam sat down on a bench and pulled out some pepsi. adam says "mmm...crackers" and tommie and i are like "what? you've had crackers this whole time?" and he replies " i mean...mmm...pepsi."

after the sun rises we head over toward the playground, but this heavyset old man with no teeth starts talking to us about how every morning he comes to the playground and takes everything people left. while he was there he found a towel and some socks. and informed us that one time he found a broken radio controlled car. quote "ah found it over near the garbage, the wheel was broked off but i jus' put some crazy clue on it an' hit the button and the son of a bitch took off like a bastard!" so we walked away and laughed very hard. once we got to the playground we decided we wanted some mcgriddles from mcdonalds. so adam crawled through some of the playground equipment, and said tommie had to do it too or no mcgriddles, so tommie did it. then we walked a very long walk to adams house finally."cheh!"

then adam drove tommie and i to macdonalds, after about 7 minutes of arguing about who was getting what in front of the cash register we got two mcgriddles and a breakfast...thing. so adam and i ate our mcgriddles and told tommie that he was missing out hardcore. so adam took tommies syrup and after about 5 minutes tommie went and got more syrup so he could finish eating. then we rode back to tommies house and went to sleep, well tommie tried to go to sleep only adam kept slapping him and asking what he was doing for a good hour. then we suddenly and abruptly passed out, tommie and i awoke around 6 pm, to find adam had returned home.

after awhile burntofferingsx came over and we had insane cuddling and eating cereal time, both of which made me very happy to be alive. she went back home around eleven, at which time just about the same events as previously occurred. we had no ride to the vous so tommie and i decided we were going to go take pictures of teh scary woods trailer. it was different this time. there was no moon, everything was darker, we had a very bad feeling about going. we walked and walked and when we finally got to the entrance of the woods we were like "fuck this.". it was at this time that both of us saw something moving at the edge of the we ran full speed like little sissies back to tommies house, to find we were locked out. so we stood on the porch ringing the doorbell. then from far off to the left in the woods we heard this horrendously loud noise that sounded somewhat like a donkey being viciously attacked, and then the wolves started howling very very loudly, we decided we wanted in very badly. finally his mom let us in with minimal moaning and grumbling. we ate some food and laid down in the living room, where he still remains.

the streetlights on a long desolate road...

oh no! we are attacked! "heh agh!!"

tommie and i

ahhh...good ol' oakridge.

a cookie in a bag of rocks. scary indeed.

if you don't do it you don't get a mcgriddle.

a very beautiful finish...
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