boy meets world (lindydreams) wrote in ourdarkestnight,
boy meets world

please excuse me for posting this here, but it seems like a somewhat appropriate place for these ramblings....

i've relived two weeks past this night. my desperation pushes borders until becoming a new, deeper understaning. how far can I push? the answer lies deeper beneath this pile of rocks. complacency is not the key. the day I stop fighting is the day I stop breathing. I am reborn tonight. I'll die again a thousand times, only to rise once more. I am tied to the night time. bound to new birth. new birth, it brings new hope. always tomorrow comes, until no longer. will you yet push me? you think you're killing this life. you're quite honestly the reason i'm reincarnate. all that can stop me lies within my own self. I am the answer. so hit me again, i'm honored by your hatred. true love leaves scars with all the beautiful people. cut me to pieces, I beg you. i'll whisper in your ears my dying words. i'll smile, and thank you for perfecting me.
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